Sunday, July 28, 2013

Z Z Hill - "Down Home Blues"

Talk about classics!!!  This is it.  "Down Home Blues" is one of the most well-known blues songs around - if you don't believe me, ask somebody!

She said your party's jumping 
And everybody's havin' a good time
And you know what's going through my mind
Do you mind if I get comfortable

And kick off these shoes
While you're fixing me a drink
Play me some of them down home blues

She say you know I don't get out much on the town
And you know I done cut out a lot of that running around
All week long 

I've been keeping my cool
But tonight I'm gonna let my hair down
And get down with these down home blues

Down home blues (down home blues)
Down home blues (down home blues)
All she wanted to hear was some down home blues
All night long

Every other record or two
She said take off those fast records
And let me hear some down home blues

You said you know my ol' man gonna wanna fight
Because of the hour I'll be getting in tonight
But I don't care, tonight I'm gonna do as I choose
I'm gonna get my head banged
And party off these down home blues


Southern Soul Paradise