Monday, October 7, 2013

Klass Band Brotherhood - "How Can U"

I think this is the prettiest song that I've heard from the group. If your love is strong, find a way to make it work. He says it's so hard to do the right thing when you're always accused of doing wrong.  Girls, don't always listen to your friends.

You’ve been talking to friends
Steering you in the wrong direction
Time and time again
I‘ve been telling you let it go
They don’t want you to be happy
They want you alone just like them
Saying all kind of things
To make you not believe in me, baby

Wait a minute baby
Put that hat and your bags down
This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go
I’m not standing in your way
But I hate to see you go
Because we’ve been building this thing
So strong and so long

How can u sleep
When our life is ? over
How can u live when our love is torn apart
How can u sleep when our life is ? over
How can u, how can u, how can u sleep

My intuitions tell me
That I should just let you go
But deep in my soul I know that you’re the only one for me
There’s talk around town
That we ain’t what we used to be
They say I’ve been fooling around
And girl you ain’t been loving me

Ooh but did it happen cause I really want to know
How did we lose the passion
Where oh where oh where did our love go
I keep trying to convince you that this thing ain’t what it seems
Ooh I want to make it better
But girl you’ve got to believe in me again


Southern Soul Paradise