Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spice Internet Radio's Top 10 - October 20, 2013

Here are this week's top 10 from the count down on Spice Internet Radio (  You should tune in at noon EST on Sunday afternoon as they count down the top 25 southern soul hits.  This is such a great way to keep up with what's going on in the music world.  For the full list, see  

  1.  Mr. Sexy Man - Nellie Tiger Travis
  2.  Down To Earth Woman - Patrick Green
  3.  Fill It Up - Bigg Robb
  4.  Party Time - Jeff Floyd
  5.  Get Her With My Twitter - Billy Soul Bonds
  6.  Cheat Up - Simeo
  7.  Can You Hang - Wilson Meadows
  8.  What One Man Won't Do - Charles Wilson
  9.  What's The Name of That Thang - Larome Powers
10.  Creepin - Lola

Congratulations to Nellie Tiger Travis!!!  All of these songs are winners as far as I'm concerned but there's nothing like What's The Name of That Thang!!!!!

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