Monday, January 6, 2014

O. B. Buchana - "It's Over"

I am an O. B. Buchana fan!  O. B. found the woman that was just right for him and he saw his future with her.  But, she did him wrong - messing around with his friend - and I say that it's good he found out earlier than later!!!

I met the kind of girl that I want to be my wife
Tried everything that I needed
To complete my life
I’ve been over the world baby
I have never seen anything sweeter than you, no
Until you made love to my friend
And I had to cut you loose

It’s over (it’s all over)
It’s over (it’s all over)
This relationship, (it’s all over) oh is over
(It’s all over)

I said in my mind that I love you
That we could start new
You acted good for a little while
Then you came and tried to wreck, my style
But you kissed and you touched him baby
And then your cheating got worst, yeah
Then you started staying out and night and day baby
And then you held him in your arms


I gave you everything yeah
Everything you needed
But you want to run out with your friend, baby
And stay gone all night
I’ve never felt like this before baby
Girl, you’re breaking my heart in two yeah
But what I’ve got to do with the situation darling
I’ve got to leave you


Southern Soul Paradise