Monday, July 11, 2016

Adrian Bagher - "If You Want To Leave Me"

If you wanna leave me, go ahead and go on
You see I’m a good man, baby
And good men don’t stay single long

Now isn't that the truth!!  Adrian starts the song with him having a serious conversation with his son. The little boy says that he heard his mother talking to another man on the phone and he wants to know why his mama isn't happy and wonders why she wants to leave. Adrian tries to reassure him but his son knows it's not right. He tells his wife that he never once did her wrong, did his best to keep a happy home, and worked his fingers to the bone.  He says that he'd be lying if he says that he won’t cry but that someone else will come and dry his eyes. He says his mother tried to tell him. lol That's right guys - and girls - love will make you blind so listen to your mom!!! She knows!

Here's a copy of the video with the complete story and a shorter version with just the song.

Southern Soul Paradise