Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tyree Neal - "Sneaking Love"

I love this song!  It has a southern soul feel with the traditional infidelity message. lol Feels so good when you're sneaking love!  And, the love is so good when you're sneaking love.  I'm expecting this to rise on the charts!

Here's a copy of Tyree Neal's bio as taken from his Facebook page:
  • Tyree Neal, homegrown native of Baton Rouge, LA. This soulful musical artist brings music from all genres. It is something a...bout how Tyree uses his magical skills of the electric guitar and then turns his voice into a work of art.

    Tyree was destined for greatness at an early age. He is the product of a musically incline family of American, Louisiana blue singers. Tyree has played for and accompanied some of the most influential artists of all time, all who reside within his own family. Some of the musical legends that he has conglomerated with is the late Raful Neal, Kenny Neal and the late great Jackie Neal.

    Tyree now uses his young flare to reach all people of all ages. From the hip hop lover, to the young at heart. What fans love about this artist is that he combines rhythm, blues, soul tones and turns them into magical authenticity.

    Tyree has written and produced his own music which has taken flight to all southern natives and music lovers of all time. His first album, “Steppin out at 22”, showcased only a small snippet of his musical creativity. He has hits ranging from, “Whiskey and Beer,” “Party on the Weekend,” “Shake that Thang (Back it Up)” and “Quality Lady”. When Tyree performs, he hits the stage only as a platform to display a musical genius at work. His abilities and talents have allowed him to be displayed in countries all over the world ranging from London, France, Turkey, and Italy to name a few. His melodious greatness have permitted nominations of top honors, as well as being the recipient of the Blues Award for 2012.

    Tyree has a love for all music. He believes that all music tells the same story, but just in different languages. Everyone experiences the feelings and emotions of music, though they may be different things to make us feel and express them in different ways. Tyree can take all those emotions and feeling and wrap them up into an outstanding musical performance. He takes each song and pours not only his heart and soul, but his pure love for the art of music. At this point ladies and gentlemen, is where music truly begins.

    As a solo artist, he has the accompaniment of the So Jazzy Band to contribute to the entire artistry. When you hear the bone crushing rhythmic beats, sensitive and intricate vocals, flared and flavored with guitar strings, this only creates the joys of love and life through music. Tyree takes and uses the stage as a playground that holds no limitation. His lyrics will always remain true to his southern roots, yet embracing the essence of harmonious life and love.

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