Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coldrank - "Three"

I used to have two, now I'm taking care of three:  got a wife, the other woman, and my sidepiece. What??? Have we fallen so low that we're singing and broadcasting about the wrong we're doing? You know, there was a time when you kept fidelity between you, your sidepiece, and the Lord.  Coldrank says he already has a woman at home and another one he loves on the side. He already has two house notes and he's barely getting by.  His wife knows about his sidepiece and his sidepiece knows about his wife, but if they found about his new one, he could lose everything in his life.  Umph, umph, umph (in my best grandma's voice - lol lol)

In spite of the lyrics and the message, the melody of this song is really good and I love this singer's voice.

Southern Soul Paradise

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