Monday, January 8, 2018

Charles Wilson - "Baby Sitter"

You have got to listen to this song!  I love it!  Charles Wilson says that he and his wife have been together for awhile and they've been working hard and taking care of the kids. In fact, since they've had kids, he said that they haven't been anywhere and he doesn't know what it's like to be alone with his wife.  He gets tickets for a blues show and says that he needs a babysitter so he and his wife can be alone.  I love a man who takes initiative and knows what he wants!! Yes!!!

This song is so true.  I believe that couples in any marriage or relationship should take time just for them.  You've got to take care of the kids and the household but it's extremely important to take are of each other.  Now that's the truth!

Thank you Roscoe Miller for letting me know the artist of this song (I was trying hard to figure it out)!😊

I need a babysitter so we can be alone!
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