Saturday, January 13, 2018

LeVelle - "Go To Bed Mad" (Offical Video)

We've all been there.  Have you ever had a fight with your significant other and you can't even remember how it started?  LeVelle is a man who knows one of the secrets to keeping a marriage or relationship strong year after year.  In "Go To Bed Mad," he says that even when you mess up and wish you could take back words you have said in an argument, swallow your pride and apologize.  Trust me, you'll live a happier life.  LeVelle says there's nothing better than makeup sex! (He said 'love' but I say 'sex!') lol

LeVelle aka LB is a R&B/ Neo-Soul artist and songwriter from Kansas City. He has dedication and drive for his music career.  Read his bio and find out more info about him at his website:!! 

I'm looking forward to hearing more from him!

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