Sunday, February 4, 2018

Z. Z. Hill - "It Ain't No Use"

How many of you remember this?  I LOVED this song - and still do! I heard it a few minutes ago and had to share it.  This 1971 hit is taken from Z. Z. Hill's The Brand New Z.Z. Hill album.  "It Ain't No Use" is one of those songs you hear and immediately remember what you were doing in your life when it came out.

There ain't no use for you to cry
You might as well dry your eyes
You hurt me so, now I want you to know
It ain't no use, it ain't no use
There was a time you were my pride and joy
Woman I loved you like a child loves his toy
You done me wrong, you want to come back home
It ain't no use
I wanted you but you wanted someone else
You went away and left me
Left me all by my-
Left me all by my-
Left me all by myself
Now it's your time to cry!

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You done me wrong, now you want to come back home, but it's too late!
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