Saturday, January 29, 2011

Betty Wright - After The Pain

A classic is a song that never goes out of style; it's always good whenever you hear it.  Well, Betty Wright's After The Pain is one of those classics that I love.  I remember when Will, my brother-in-law, gave me this song and album on a cassette more than 20 years ago!  Betty - no surprise - started in gospel when she was real little but the first song I remember is Clean Up Woman.  That came out 40 years ago!!!  Wow!  I've seen Betty Wright in concert and she puts on a fantastic show.  She is so good.  There are so many songs of hers that are great but for right now I want to give you After The Pain.  My favorite lines are:

After all I've been through
I should be through with love
But there's a God up above
That keeps sayin', "Betty try
Don't give up, you know why
The sun is gonna shine
'Cause you are mine, all mine"
You just keep doin' your best
And I will do the rest
'Cause I love you, love you, Betty, like I do

Here's the song on youtube:

Southern Soul Paradise