Thursday, January 27, 2011

O.V. Wright - "That's How Strong My Love Is" Live In Japan

I always loved O.V. Wright's song, Blind, Crippled, and Crazy.  He told everyone that he'd rather be blind, crippled, and crazy, somewhere pushing up daisies, than to let you break his heart all over again.  Now that sounds serious... you know he meant what he said!   He was so talented and had some awesome music.  Like most blues artists, he started singing in the church when he was a little boy.  He lived a tough life but did you know he was only 41 years old when he died?  So young. 

I fly a lot and have to have my iPod when I'm in the air.  One of the songs I listen to is a medley of O.V. Wright's songs that he did at a live concert in Japan.  To me, this live version is better than the same songs that were done in the studio.  This first video below is the live in Japan version of God Blessed Our Love.  It's 6:48 minutes long but it's great.  I love when he starts out with "wait one minute...ah, wait one minute."  The second video is the continuation of the first video.  It's also a medly which consists of When A Man Loves A Woman, That's How Strong My Love Is, and You Gonna Make Me Cry.  Together, both videos make up one very long song.  I think they split it up because it was too long for youtube.  The second video is 9.25 minutes and when you put these two together, you have a 16-minute song.  It is worth every minute of it.  Believe me, listening to this when you're in the air makes the time zoom right on by.  It's also great to just sit back and listen to it when you're chilling at home.

I hope you like the music of these two videos; buy them if you ever get a chance.  They're worth having in your collection.

P.S. Youtube has removed the two live songs, but you'll enjoy this ten-minute version:

Southern Soul Paradise