Sunday, January 16, 2011

King Floyd - "What Our Love Needs"

I know you know Groove Me by King Floyd; it’s a classic. It’s another case of southern soul that crossed over into mainstream R&B and took the soul music world by storm. All I knew back then was that I loved the song, the beat, and the sound. I had the 45 (you old schoolers know what I’m talking about) and, as you know, we always flipped the record over and listened to what was on the other side. In some cases, the B-side also became a hit. I recently read that Groove Me was originally supposed to be the B-side to What Our Love Needs, but things have a way of changing and the roles were reversed. Life will do that to you sometimes.

I recently heard What Our Love Needs and remembered how much I loved this beautiful song. Take a few moments and listen. I hope it will bring back memories for you like it did for me.

Till next time...
Southern Soul Paradise