Friday, August 19, 2011

Frank Mendenhall - "Party With Me Tonight"

This is one of those songs that grew on me and although I don't understand some of the words, I'm getting it a little more and more.  I love this song!  It has a catchy beat and it will make you get out of your seat and dance.  And, there's a cool instrumental part in the middle of the song.  All I know is that there's a party and the music is right.  You will like this song!
Here's the chorus - check out the song.
Are you gonna party with me tonight
Oh, it’s time to get started
Are you gonna party with me tonight
Oh it’s time to get down

Everybody out there on the dance floor
Let me hear you make some noise
If you're still sitting in your seat
Get up and let me hear you scream

Party with Mendenhall tonight!
I know some Mendenhalls near Possum Bend and I have always wondered if they're any kin to this Frank Mendenhall!
Southern Soul Paradise