Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bobby Blue Bland - "Keep It A Secret"

My dad was a huge Bobby Blue Bland fan back in the 60s.  He had a stereo and I can still remember him playing the "Call On Me" album ...."if you need a little loving, baby, you can call on me."  One of my favorite songs on that album was "That's the Way Love Is." This song is for my late father (cause I know he's listening), my mom, and all my sisters!

So you take it where you find it, or you can leave it like it is!

Keep It A Secret
Needless to say, I've been listening to Bobby Blue Bland my whole life.  Here is a pretty song that was released on his Midnight Run CD back in the late 80s.  It's a story of seeing someone on the down low.  I'm figuring both of them are married but very much in love with each other.  It's kind of sad but such a beautiful song.

Every day of my life I’ve wondered how long it can keep going this way
After hours in a small café
Holding hands and praying that I get away
Trying our best to stay out of sight
We meet in the darkness to hide from the light
You know we’ve got too much at stake
To take a chance of living our separate ways

We’ve got to keep it a secret
Just between me and you
We’ve got to keep it a secret
And don’t give no one else a clue

We can’t afford to let anyone else know
If we meet on the street we can’t even say hello
It’s hard trying to live this double life
We’re strangers by day and lovers by night
I’d like to tell the work how I feel about you
But right now I really can’t tell the truth


We’ve got to, yes we have, I don’t dare tell no one
And you know why, it’s a secret baby
I’ll keep my part
I’d like to tell the world how I feel about you
But right now we can’t really tell the truth

We’ve got to keep it a secret, yes we have baby
Just between me and you
I can’t tell nobody, I don’t dare tell no one
I can’t tell my mother, I can’t tell my father
I can’t tell my sister, not even my brother
I can’t tell no one, not even my closest friends
I’m kind of jealous about it, wish I could tell somebody
But my hands are tied
It’s so good to me sometimes
I get fightin’ mad about it
Seems like I better not tell nobody

We've got to keep it a secret, just between me and you.
Southern Soul Paradise