Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ms. Jody and David Brinston - "Something I Want"

Two of my favorite singers, Ms. Jody and David Brinston, combined their unique voices for a fantastic southern soul duet.  They are so good together.  I heard this for the first time on Mobile's WDLT ( All-Blues Saturday show and I love it!  Ms. Jody puts on an outstanding live performance and I would love to see both of them on stage.

Alright David, do you see something you like
Come and get it boy, they don’t call me Ms. Jody for nothing
Ah David

Every time I see you baby
You stand out from the rest
Other women look good but you always look the best
Girl, can I have a few minutes of your precious time
So I can tell you baby what’s on my mind
I know you might have a man but he’s not here tonight
And baby what I’m about to ask you, it might not all seem right

You’ve got something I want
You’ve got something I need
Something I want
You’ve got something I need

You turn me on baby
Just for the way you dance
And I just can’t seem to help myself
And I know you just want to get in my pants
There’s something you’ve got boy
And I just can’t get it off my mind
Until I let you hit it baby
I know I won’t be satisfied
I know you don’t mind asking for it, baby
And I know you don’t mind saying please
If I have to beg for it baby
Well, get down on your knees


Girl you look like candy
And you know I taste just as sweet
If I get what I want from you, baby
I know it’ll be a treat
I know what I want
And I know I want to give it to you
All those other women just don’t compare to you

You've got something I want!!!
Southern Soul Paradise