Sunday, July 22, 2012

William Bell - "Loving on Borrowed Time/Trying to Love Two"

Here is a classic William Bell song that I know you remember.  "Loving on Borrowed Time" is a ballad that really showcases William Bell's beautiful voice.  You can hear it from the beginning in his opening line when he lets you know that he's caught in a love trap, captured by her charms.  Good music!!!

I’m caught in a love trap, I’m captured by your charms
I know you belong to another
But I can’t stay away from your arms
And oh, I can’t always have you by my side
So I have to be satisfied just…

Loving on borrowed time
Oh, we’re loving on borrowed time

One night a week it‘s the same old routine
We have to sneak around so that we won’t be seen
And oh, park on a dark street
Hide from the people we meet
You see, we’re stealing love and we’ve got to be discreet

Because we’re loving on borrowed time
Loving on borrowed time

Oh, we’re loving on borrowed time
Girl, we’re loving on borrowed time
This love is wrong girl
And we knew it from the start
We got so much to lose
But we can’t stay apart
We keep on loving on borrowed time

"Trying to Love Two" is one of his most recognized songs and popular of his songs.  He sings about a guy facing a dilemma - trying to love two women - he says it sure ain't easy to do.  (Well, come on now, what did you expect?) 


Trying to love two, ain’t easy to do
When you’re trying to love two, sure ain’t easy to do

I’ve got a woman at home, as sweet as can be
A woman on the outside, crazy about me
I’m caught in the middle of a three-way love affair
Caught up in this triangle, can’t go nowhere


I need to be three men in one
To get my job done
I need a thirty-hour day
Two jobs with double pay
I need a man to go to work
A man to stay at home
I need a man on the outside
To keep my woman strong


Both women are aware
There's another woman somewhere


Hey, it started out, had lots of fun
But now it's got me on the run
This jumping in and out of bed
Keeps messing with my head


Loving on borrowed time and trying to love two - not a
healthy lifestyle, my brother.
I love you William Bell!!
Southern Soul Paradise