Friday, August 17, 2012

Artie Blues Boy - "When You Took Your Love From Me"

It's Friday night and Artie Blues Boy hit the spot with "When You Took Your Love From Me."  This is a pretty love song from a guy whose heart is broken.  He is letting his girl know just how badly it hurt when she took her love from him.

Would you take the wing from a bird
And you know he can't fly
Would you take the bone from a little baby
Knowing he gonna cry
Would you take the fish out of the water
Knowing the little fella gonna die
Would you take the cane from a blind man
And you know he ain't got no eyes
Oh baby can't you see, oh my darling
That's what happened when you took your love from me
I've been loving you too long
You almost become a part of me, here's another thing
I'm a prisoner for your love baby
But it's a funny thing I don't want you to set me free
Would you take the sail from a ship
And you know it can't move, good God
Would you take the beat from a melody
And just let it lose all its groove
Oh darling, oh can't you see, oh that's what happened
When you took your love from me

I've been loving you oh I've been loving you too long
You know you became a part of me
Oh you will ?? my love baby
And you knocked me off my feet
I don't want to lose your love
And don't set me free oh no don't ever set me free
Oh you know I love you
So nice.
Southern Soul Paradise