Thursday, August 16, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "Jody Got Your Girl And Gone"

Ain't no sense in going home, Jody's got your girl and gone!  Johnnie Taylor's telling the guys to treat your girl right because if you don't, someone else will.  Tons of artists sang about Jody after JT hit the scene with him - Jody's one bad guy!

Every guy I know trying to get ahead
Working two jobs till you’re almost dead (you tell ‘em)
Work your fingers right down to the bone
There’s a cat named Jody sneaking around in your home
There’s a cat named Jody in every town
Spending lots of cash and just riding around
Ride on Jody, ride on ride on, with your bad self

Jody leaves ashes in your ash tray
Footprints on your carpet while you work all day
He even got the nerve to sleep in your bed
Sit down at the table, eat your bread
When you get home after working hard all day
Jody’s got your girl and he’s gone away

I say now ain’t no sense in going home
Jody got your gal and gone

Gotta get home but you work too hard
You gotta get home but you work too hard


When you discover your gross neglect
It’ll be too late to give your woman respect
You’ll hunt down Jody, dead or alive
$10,000 reward for Jody’s hide


The reason I know
One day Jody took my gal, said he took her away
He had enough sense to express himself
He told her good she look
Told her how cute she walk
Told her how pretty she talk
Ain’t no sense in you going home
Cause Jody has everything you got
Jody leaves footprints on your carpet while you
work all day!  There's a $10,000 reward for Jody's hide.
Good music!!
Southern Soul Paradise