Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Omar Cunningham - "If We Can't Get Along"

Do you want to hear a beautifully sad song?  His girl is making it very clear that she wants to leave him and it's breaking his heart.  Ladies, guys have feelings too and they run pretty deep. You've got to check out this Omar Cunningham song and when you do, take the time to listen to the words (see them below).  This is such a pretty love song and I think it could easily cross over into R&B.

Laying here across the bed
Thinking about everything you said
You said I’m the reason that you’re feeling blue
You make me want to get away from you

I don’t want to leave but I know I should
But if I do, I did the very best that I could
I want to stay so I can raise my child
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile

But if we can’t get along then we need to get apart
Cause you done broke up all of my sh__
Now you’re breaking my heart
While you're mad at me, you should be mad at you
So you’re the reason for this heartache and baby I’m through

For too many years trying to bite my tongue
And it ain’t getting no better and I ain’t dumb
You trying to run me off, trying to make me leave
Thinking things gonna be much better without me
I don’t know the deal, I wanna know what’s up
It’s like you just want me to pay bills and shut the hell up
Wish you could understand how you make me feel
You keep saying why don’t you just leave and maybe I will


Sometimes in life you get what you want
You win some and sometimes you don’t
Sometimes you just get what you get
Should I blow it all away and just be through with it

Sometimes you just get what you get...
Southern Soul Paradise