Sunday, August 19, 2012

Southern Soul Top 25

I am thrilled to see that there is so much great new southern soul music being played on local radio stations and internet sites.  Here are the top 25 new songs according to The Soul and Blues Report (  Spice Internet Radio also plays their top new songs on Sunday mornings and I'm sure there are other sites/stations doing the same thing.  I believe with all of my heart that southern soul is becoming more popular every day and that we need to keep spreading the sounds throughout the airways!  You may (or may not) be surprised at how many people love southern soul.

The Nation’s Top 25 Southern Soul Chart
               August 3, 2012

 1 If We Can 't Get Along - Omar Cunningham
 2 Until You Get Enough Of Me - Tre Wms/Revelations
 3 Check Your Mailbox - Ghetto Cowboy
 4 Blind Blind Snake - Luther Lackey 
 5 Bang That Thang - O. B. Buchana 
 6 Cat Got My Tongue - Latimore
 7 I'm Thankful For My Woman - Vick Allen 
 8 Not Good Enough To Marry - Peggy Scott-Adams
 9 Everybody's Dancin' - Vel Omarr
10 Love Mechanic - Jessi Terrell
11 Good Motor - L J Echols
12 You Ain't No Player - Karen Wolfe
13 When The Ladies Are Happy - Jerry L
14 Country Boy - Sir Charles Jones
15 You Make Me Happy - Lamorris Wms/Al Green
16 Come Here Party - Stevie J
17 Using Me - Jeff Floyd
18 My Love Is Guaranteed - Stephanie Pickett
19 I've Done All That I Can Do Now - Sheba Potts-Wright
20 Soul School - Mr. David
21 When A Woman's Had Enough - Ricky White
22 Grown Man - Lenny Williams
23 Move Something - Lacee
24 Everyone Celebrate - Floyd Taylor
25 Bring Back My Blues - Donnie Ray

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