Thursday, July 24, 2014

Artie "Blues Boy" White - "I'm Gonna Marry My Mother-In-Law"

Hmmm...I'm gonna marry my mother-in-law because she's got the kind of love that his heart has been lonely for. Artie "Blues Boy" White knows it's wrong but he has to do it.  Now, no matter how you twist it, that just sounds so wrong. Here are some of the reasons he gives:
1. When he comes home from work, his wife is always in the street. Her mother is there and cooks him what he likes to eat.
2. When his back is aching, she knows just where to rub.
3. She puts slippers on his feet.
4. She runs hot water in the tub for him.

Artie says that his mother-in-law is like two good women wrapped in one.  She treats him like a baby like only a mother can but when they're alone together, she let's him know he's a man.  Ewww!!

It's still a great blues song!!!!!

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