Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sir Charles Jones - "Is There Anybody Lonely?"

I was going to say that this is probably one of Sir Charles Jones' best songs, but he has so much great music that it's kind of hard to make a decision. LOL  Here's his bio from soulbluesmusic.com:

Born in Akron, Ohio but raised in Birmingham, Alabama Jones' has become one of the more famous faces on the "Southern Soul" scene. More of a bedroom crooner with a sexy image, slick contemporary R & B songs and smooth voice, Jones scored a Top 30 R & B album his second time out with "Love Machine". He followed this with the less stellar "Southern Soul"  before releasing "Thank You For Holding On" in 2005 on his own label Senator Jones' Hep Me Records put out a "Sir Charles & Friends" collection featuring three Jones tracks. In 2007 he again signed with Mardi Gras for a "Best Of", a DVD and two more full-length albums.  The most recent ("Tribute To The Legends") had Jones doing stylized versions of Soul classics like J. Blackfoot's "Taxi."

BTW, his latest album is "Portrait Of A Balladeer."
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