Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Duchess Jereesa McBride - "Super Mistress"

I love this ballad by Jureesa McBride - not sure if I want to be anyone's mistress, let alone a super one, but I adore this melody.

The Duchess has a radio show called "The Duchess Soul Sessions" that can be heard from 9 - 11pm EST every Tuesday & Wednesday on (www.loudcity.com/stations/dj-mel-…ertainment-radio). I'll have to check her out!

Here's her bio from cdbaby.com:
Jureesa "The Duchess" McBride, born and raised in Port Gibson, Mississippi, Jureesa was always inspired by music. As long as she can remember, music was a huge impact on her life. She grew up listening mainly to blues and soul music. Her biggest passion was writing. She was deep into writing poetry and singing at a young age.; starting at the age of nine. Over the years, her poetry evolved into beautiful songs that people could relate to. She has always believed that music had to have meaning, no matter what the genre was. Now, she considers herself to be a great singer /songwriter just waiting for the world to enjoy her art.
Jureesa now resides in Vicksburg, MS. She write and sings in the genre of Soul, Blues, R&B, Southern Soul, and Pop. She really enjoys the art that she creates because it’s her comfort zone and therapy. She has done performances with several artists on different occasions, including Dave Mack, Sweet Angel, The Love Doctor, Tina Diamond, Stevie J, Mister Zay etc. Jureesa’s biggest inspirations in music are Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Mary J Blige, Kelly Price, and a few others. They inspire her because they create music that has a purpose and a meaning. She’s now at a point in her life where she is very excited about sharing her music with the world.

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