Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Soul Children, Lady Mary, and Sheba Potts-Wright - "I'll Be the Other Woman"

Here are three versions of "I'll Be The Other Woman" that I'd like you to hear.  The first one below is the original 1973 recording by The Soul Children.  The other remakes are pretty good but The Soul Children with Shelbra Bennett singing vocals is out of this world. They also recorded a ton of fantastic music including "I'll Understand," "Hearsay," "Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness," "It Ain't Always What You Do," and the oh-so-classic, "The Sweeter He Is."  If you recall, J. Blackfoot was a member of this group and also sang lead on many of their songs.  They were a powerful group!

Here is Lady Mary who is hugely popular in Maryland.

And here's one by southern soul artist Sheba Potts-Wright.

All three versions are good.
Southern Soul Paradise