Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cathe's Countdown - February 6, 2016

It's February!  Here are the top 10 most requested southern soul music hits from WDLT FM, the greatest station in the Mobile area. You must listen to their awesome "All Blues Saturday" show with amazing on-air personalities: Nikki deMarks, Stormy, and Cathe B. The countdown comes on at 8:00 p.m. CST (9:00 p.m. EST) each Saturday night.

To listen to the station if you're in the Mobile area, turn your radio to 104.1 FM; if you're online, go to You can also listen via iHeart Radio on your phone/tablet.

  1.  Living A Lie - Katrenia Jefferson  

  2.  The Knock Down Inn - Lomax

Good Thang - Miss Lady Blues
Make That Body Rock - Terry Wright
Cowgirl - Big Yayo/Jwonn/T-Baby
Ohhh Baby - Till 1
You Can Get It - Toia Jones
Do You Want To Party - Steve Perry
  9.  Right Here With Me - Adrena
10.  Your Man Is Home Tonight - Willie Clayton

The Classic Pick of the Week was Shont Dont Dont by my home boy, the late, great Frank Mendenhall.

The new song on the list this week is Willie Clayton's "Your Man Is Home Tonight" - a pretty nice remake of Tony Troutman's 1988 hit.

The surprise for me this week was the omission of "Swing On" by O. B. Buchana.  It has been sliding up the charts for weeks now and was even #3 last week.  It didn't make the cut this week but stay tuned, you'll never know what may happen next week!

Congratulations to the very beautiful "Living A Lie" for another week at #1 and you know I'm still loving "Good Thang!"

I love southern soul music! Thanks WDLT for a great All Blues Saturday!!

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