Monday, February 15, 2016

Johnnie Taylor - "Back Street Love Affair"

I've posted tons of Johnnie Taylor songs but I've somehow missed this one. As you probably know, JT is my all-time favorite blues/southern soul singer and I'm so thankful I was able to see him a few times before he passed - he was an amazing performer. "Back Street Love Affair" is a beautiful ballad.  

Oh my baby I love you so much honey don't you know
Slipping around girl hurts me so
I can't see you no more baby in the daytime, girl
You don't know what it's doing to my heart

I can't see you till the sun goes down
And any other time we can't fool around
In the daytime, we got to walk on by and don't speak
Hold on to our hearts until we meet on a back street

Back street, back street, we've got a back street love affair
Back street, back street, we've got a back street love affair

We can't get impatient, make our move too soon
We can't let temptation cause us to lose
You got somebody else and so do I
And when we go home we need a strong alibi


Sometime it kind of bothers me cause you know people will talk
They say things they really don't mean
But I want to hold you, squeeze you, and tease you
I don't want to leave when we come together, when we come together
I want to please you, making love forever
But now we got to lie about where we been
Kiss and say goodbye
Tomorrow, still be friends


So sad but beautiful
Southern Soul Paradise