Monday, February 15, 2016

Nathaniel Kimble - "You Make Me Happy"

I've been admiring Nathaniel Kimble's music for years.  I love this love song - he says his girl makes him happy, she keeps a smile on his face, each and every day.  He works hard all day and can't wait till he gets home.  When he gets there, she's cooking collard greens and cornbread!  Now that's some southern love!  When he's broke, she even gives him some cash to help him through.  He says all his friends wonder what he's laughing at all the time because she keeps him smiling. That's love.

Here are a few lines from his bio:
Nathaniel Kimble was born in Beniot, Mississippi, a small town 15 miles northeast of Greenville, Mississippi. It was here that Nathaniel found his talent for singing as he sung in the church choir. Even though he loved gospel music dearly he had a keen interest in the blues. Nathaniel collected blues singers' music from all around the world and learned their lyrics. He was inspired by well known artists such as, the late Tyrone Davis, Johnny Taylor, Marvin Sease, and Willie Clayton. He finally realized it was time to to put his talent in front of an audience and started singing in an area club where the crowd showed much appreciation.

"You Make Me Happy" is taken from Nathaniel Kimble's 2009 "I'm Back" CD.

Love this song!
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