Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chris Ardoin - "Til the Sunrise"

I really like "Til The Sunrise" and love the southern soul sound of Chris Ardoin.  He says that he's going to party til the sunrise and tonight he's not going to close his eyes.  He's going to party til the sunrise, baby girl that ain't no lie!  Love these lyrics. 

To learn a little about Chris Ardoin, here's his bio according to Wikipedia and ReverbNation: 

Wikipedia:  Chris Ardoin (born April 7, 1981 in Lake Charles, Louisiana) is a zydecoaccordionist and singer. He is one of the young artists that helped form nouveau zydeco, a new style of music that fused traditional zydeco with various styles including hip-hop, reggae and R.&B.                      

ReverbNation:  Internationally known for his soulful vocals and music composition, Chris Ardoin is one of the most sought after artists / producers in the industry today! He has traveled and performed in all 50 states as well as overseas in London, Japan, Sweden, Amsterdam, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Paris, and Cayman Islands. Chris has also appeared in stage plays and movies, most notably "Tempted" with Burt Reynolds and Saffron Burrows which frequently airs on Cinemax and Lifetime Movie Network. Breaking attendance records from Louisiana nightclubs to Carnegie Hall in New York City to Carnivale in South America...Chris is bringing zydeco music, creole culture, & southern soul music to new heights beyond expectations, Chris Ardoin is destined to be one the greatest of all time!!!!!

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