Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dr. Nick at Lamont's in Pomonkey

I missed WDLT's Top 10 Countdown this past Saturday because I was partying with J. Red, Shay Denise, Miss Mini, and the Rise Band & Show at Lamont's in Pomonkey, Maryland!  What an awesome time!!! It was great. The show was in celebration of the birthday of Phillis, aka Pixie, who is a concert promoter in the area. She has been responsible for bringing several southern soul acts to the DMV and I'll feature each one in a four-part series.

Whenever there's any kind of show, whether it's comedy, music, awards, whatever, it ALWAYS takes a special person to pull it all together and set the tone of the show.  For this event, it was none other than the amazing Dr. Nick who served as the MC and made this fabulous show a success.  If you've attended an event with Dr. Nick or have listened to him (or watch him on Facebook Live) from 2-4pm each Saturday afternoon on WPFW, you already know the type of man he is.  He's a dynamic entertainer (yes, he is an entertainer) and he made sure we had a great time Saturday night.  He knows his crowd, knew what we wanted to hear, and played fantastic music in between acts.  He got everyone on the dance floor.  It was a fun night!

Thank you Dr. Nick!!!

Southern Soul Paradise

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