Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blues on the Radio

There's nothing like southern soul (also know as the blues) on the radio.  When I'm in west/central Alabama, I listen to WKXN (96.7), WBFZ (105.3), and WVFG (107.5).  They all play the blues but at different times, you kind of have to know when to tune in. WKXN and WBFZ also stream online which makes it nice because I can still listen when I'm not there.  On Saturdays, however, I notice that I sometimes have trouble with their internet connections so I've discovered Mobile's WDLT (98.3).  They stream online and have an all-blues Saturday show that's excellent!  I love this station. 

The internet allows you to listen to southern soul wherever you are.  Now that's paradise!


Southern Soul Paradise