Friday, April 15, 2011

Lebrado - Let Me Be Your Daddy

Did you know that Lebrado's big brothers are the R&B duo of K-Ci and JoJo?  One of my favorite songs of theirs was All My Life. I believe Lebrado has inherited their talent and he is just a great singer with a beautiful voice.  Here's a song for you to groove to - I had mentioned it in one of my earlier blogs and gave you some of the words:
So you got a man but you’re still lonely
Say he doesn’t make you feel much like a woman
But you stay
You don’t need that drama in your life
Let me take you from this tonight
Cause I want to love you
Treat you like the woman that you are, girl you know you are my superstar
This is the chorus:
When you’re sick and tired of being his woman
You can come over and you can get your groove back
Baby, when you’re sick and tired of being his momma
You can come over and I can be your daddy, let me play your daddy

Woohoooooo!!  Love that song!

Southern Soul Paradise