Friday, April 29, 2011

O.B. Buchana - I'm Going Back Home

Tell me what is a man to do when he can't hear no down home blues??  O.B., those are my sentiments exactly!  Back in the day before stations streamed their music online, we were just out of luck.  We depended on family and friends to send us the latest southern soul music, and then we played it to death.  So when O.B. sings this song, I definitely feel his pain.  Here are some of the words:

I made a trip up north, to visit some of my friends
They said O.B., you ought to move up here cause the good times never end
I must admit I thought about it for a day or two
But then I came to the conclusion
That this I just can’t do
Then I told my friend, I said fella I can make this my home
But there is just one reason I won’t
Cause there’s just one thing wrong
Ya’ll don’t have no southern soul music when I turn on my radio
All I hear is hip hop, country, talk shows, and rock

And a little later, he says:
What good is a party and women if you can’t hear no down home blues?
And I love the line:
Since y'all can’t play my music
Home is where I belong.

This is great southern soul music.
Southern Soul Paradise