Friday, April 29, 2011

Marvin Sease - Please Take Me

Have you ever heard a song that fits your mood? There was a time when I was lonely and I used to play this song over and over and over. It seemed as if Marvin knew exactly how I felt ! (smile) He starts the song with ooh baby, oooo, oooowee baby! I love to hear him moan, whew, takes my breath away!

Check out some of the words:
I remember when I was just a young man
My mama sat me down and she taught me the golden rule
The golden rules of love, that is,
I never will forget it
She said son, don’t rob and steal
She taught me to work hard for what I wanted in life
And she said seek, my child and I promise you, you will find it
And most of all she said yield not to temptation
In other words, don’t bother no one who belongs to someone else
Mama said that’s a no no!
So if you’re one of those who ain’t got nobody, why don’t you take my hand and listen to me.

I’m just looking, oh I’m looking, I'm looking, oh I’m just looking
If there’s anybody here who ain’t got nobody
Please take me, cause I'm looking for somebody, please take me.

So can you help me out?
I don’t want to do nobody wrong
So if there’s anybody here
Who ain’t got nobody, please take me
Cause I’m lonely too, please take me.

And I love these lines:
I'm begging tonight......
Cause I’m lonely oh as I can be
And I know that don’t give me no right to do nobody wrong
So if there’s anybody here who ain’t got nobody, please take me.

This is just an awesome, awesome song.
Southern Soul Paradise