Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walter Waiters - "Don't Scratch My Back"

Even though it's another infidelity song, I like it!  In fact, I like it a lot and the melody just kind of grows on you.  Walter Waiters has been around for awhile and he's the cousin of Mel Waiters.  This song starts with him telling his girlfriend a few things...things she probably already knows but he has to put it out there.  I guess you could say he's being honest and lets her know that he's a careful man.  He has the plan in place and has all angles covered.   Hmmm, in spite of the cheating, I love this song!  Here are some of Walter's words:
I’ve got a woman, you’ve got a man
I just had to say it baby, so we both understand
I can’t leave there with anything that belongs to you
We’ve got to be careful baby in everything that we do

If it gets too heavy, don’t scratch my back
Don’t wear no perfume, no, none of that
Don’t call me up, after this
If my baby knew, she’d sure be pissed
I’m a careful man, that’s all I am

Now when we meet, make sure it’s not the same place
And put on that big old wig I bought you baby
Make sure it covers your face
I’ll bring the liquor to ease your tension
And to your nosy friends, baby, tonight don’t you mention
And while we’re doing it, don’t say my name
Just call me baby, and I’ll do the same
Here’s my pager number, call me each night before you slumber
Dial 777 it means you’re alright
769 means you’re meeting at the spot tonight
Now you know, you know baby how to keep this thing going on
And rule number two, don’t ever call from your home telephone


Southern Soul Paradise