Friday, June 3, 2011

Stan Mosley - Rock Me

I LOVE this song.  I know, you think I love everything, but this is beautiful.  I love Stan's voice, I love the melody, I love the beat, the music, and everything about this song.  He has a sexy voice and you can even do a slow rock to the song.  On one of my trips to Greensboro, North Carolina, I probably played this song for an hour straight.  Fortunately, I was by myself so I didn't bother anyone else!  (smile)  Please listen to Stan Mosley and get up and move with him.  Woohoo, good music!!!

One night after my show
I was laying on ready to go
And in walked this lady
Right through the door
And she looked so pretty, yes she did, so pretty pretty
Ain’t it a pity, that she’s not with me

And so I asked her, yes I did
If she wanted to dance
She said, Stan, I’m not that good
But I’ll take a chance
This is what I said, I said
Rock me baby, like you never rocked a man like me before
I said rock me baby, rock me
Till I cannot stand this rocking any more

Rock me!!!
Southern Soul Paradise