Friday, June 3, 2011

William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover

I believe there's power in music.  Different songs affect you differently - wouldn't you say?  One reason I give you the lyrics in the songs I post is that the words have a message.  I Forgot To Be Your Lover is another one of my timeless classics that has a nice story.  Something made this man realize that he needed to stop and really listen to what his woman needed.  He asks her if he reached out to her when she needed him; did he take the time to share burdens that lovers bear - in other words, did he talk to her?  Did he do the simple things to show her how much he cared about her.  I love this love song.  How can you not love a man who asks you these things?

Have I told you lately that I love you
Well, if I didn’t darling, I’m sorry
Did I reach out and hold you in my loving arms
Oh when you needed me
Now I realize that you need love to
And I’ll spend my life making up to you
Oh I forgot to be your lover
And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry

Have I taken the time to share with you
All the burdens that lovers bear
And have I done the little simple things
To show you just how much I care
Oh I’ve been working for you doing all I can
But work all the time didn’t make me a man
Oh I forgot to be your lover
And I’m sorry I’ll make it up to you somehow
Southern Soul Paradise