Thursday, June 23, 2011

Johnnie Taylor - I'm Babysittin'

Mellow and sexy.  That's what I think when I hear Johnnie Taylor's voice on this song.  He was a powerful singer and had so much talent.  He's one of my favorite all-time musicians and could do everything.  He could sing the fast, dance music with ease and his ballads are simply beautiful.  In this song, JT wants to get home to his woman because she means the world to him - and he doesn't mind letting the fellas know.  I'm Baby Sittin' is a classic Johnnie Taylor song and it is such a smooth, amazing song.  Honestly, I just want to hear someone sing this to me.  (smile)  I'm babysittin'with my baby tonight.  Woohoo!!  Baby have no fear, I'm staying right here.  Oh man, that is good.  This is one of my favorite Johnnie Taylor songs. 
This might seem a little long, but you have to follow along with the words as he sings.

This party’s over for me,
Fellas I’ve got to go
There’s a little girl waiting for me to walk through her door
I’ve got to hurry so my baby won’t worry
Because she’s my pure delight

My baby is my lady
And my lady is my baby
I’m babysittin, I’m babysittin
I’m babysittin tonight

I’m gonna tell her a bedtime story and hold her close to me
Give her my protection, all that she needs
I’ll tell her that she’s so sweet and kiss her on her cheek
And then I’ll turn out the lights

Cause my lady is my baby
And my baby is my lady
I’m babysittin, I’m babysittin
I’m babysittin tonight

Well I know just how to soothe her if she starts to cry
I’m gonna give her a pacifier that’s really gonna satisfy her
And make her feel good inside

I’m gonna rockabye my baby
Till she wants me to stop
Sing her a lullaby and make her cradle rock
If she wants anything I’m at her beck and call
To make everything alright

My baby, she's my lady
And my lady, she's my baby
I'm babysittin', I'm babysittin'
I'm babysittin tonight.
I LOVE this song!
Southern Soul Paradise