Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joe Simon - "I've Got Trouble In My Home"

Joe Simon's music was popular in my house and "Nine Pound Steel" topped the list.  It was one of my Dad's favorite songs and he played it so much that we would hide the record - that, of course, didn't last long!!  I have come to adore that song in my later years and love it now as much as he did.  Another fantastic Joe Simon song is "Trouble In My Home."  It came out around 1972 and we used to sing this song everywhere.  As great as it is, it is kind of a sad song and Joe even starts out by telling us to please hear his cry.  Uh oh, that's not good.  He evidently messed up and his wife is leaving him; he was shocked when he walked in the door and she had her suitcase packed and her ticket in her hand.  She's leaving him for another man. Oh, you know he is hurt!  You can't help but feel sorry for him.  He wants us to pray for him and he needs someone to talk to.  Here I am!  (smile)  I think you'll really like this song.

As a little info on the side, did you know that Joe Simon is Bishop Joe Simon and he is doing so much for the church?  I had not heard anything about him in years and found this site:  He still has a beautiful voice!!  I'm proud of the life he is living and happy he is devoted to spreading God's word.  If I could, I would love to tell him the impact he has had on my life and on the music world. Joe Simon, keep on doing what you're doing!! 

I got home today tired from my job
Walked in the door yeah, oh I couldn’t believe my eyes
My baby standing there with a ticket in her hand
She said I’m leaving darling
I’m leaving cause I’ve got another man

Let me tell you
I’ve got trouble in my home
I’ve got trouble in my home

My kids are crying, ain’t got nothin’ to eat
And the only woman I ever loved
Oh she done turned her back on me
Baby I realize, I realize I haven’t always been true
But if you forgive me
Oh honey I’ll swear I’ll make it up to you


Somebody pray for me
Pray that my home
Will be a home of love and peace
I don’t know what to do
I need someone to talk to
I really need someone yeah
Somebody please, somebody please hear my cry
I’m having so much bad luck
Tell you, I don’t even know the reason why
Now my loved one is gone
Seems like I’m all alone
I got trouble in my home
Trouble in my home

Oh, I've got trouble in my home!
Love it!
Southern Soul Paradise