Sunday, January 22, 2012

Johnnie Taylor - "Crazy Over You"

Was going through some Johnnie Taylor withdrawal and it was time for me to post some of his music!  I love JT's ballads and "Crazy Over You" is one of my many, many favorites.  It's a beautiful love song but it does make me wonder, towards the end of ths song, what he did to this girl.  There are plenty of 'forgive me baby' and 'I'm sorry baby' phrases all over the place.  Why does he keep apologizing?  Hmm, that's allright JT, it doesn't matter because I love you anyway!

You know what my woman asked me the other day
She said why I always seem to have my eyes on her
First of all it’s because I love her, I said honey
I’m in love like I’ve never been before

Baby, when I met you my love life was kind of rough
I was better off like I was
‘Cause you got my mind messed up
Look at me baby you got me fickle as I can be
And ever since I met you baby I can’t forget you
Ninety-nine percent of the time I’m stoned out of my mind
I’m going crazy over you
I’m going crazy, crazy over you

I laid down last night and I begin to have a dream
I dreamed you were making love to someone else
Someone other than me girl
I got up out of my bed and called you on the phone
I said baby please, please, please honey
I need to talk to you all night long
I’m just a man who’s possessed with jealousy and happiness

I’m going crazy over you
I’m going crazy, crazy over you

I’m going crazy over you
I’m going crazy, crazy over you

Listen to me honey
I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry baby, yes I am
I’m sorry that I showed out on you baby
But I won’t do it no more baby
If only you forgive me baby
If you forgive me baby, here’s, here’s what I’ll do girl
If you forgive me baby, oh I’ll make it all up to you baby yes I will
I promise I’ll never do that no more baby

I’m going crazy over you
I’m going crazy over you

Johnnie Taylor was one of the best!
Southern Soul Paradise