Monday, January 16, 2012

Vick Allen - "I Better Walk Away"

Vick Allen always tells a good story.  In this song, he says he's got a little problem and he better walk away before he loses his mind.  Don't you hate it when the girl treats the man so badly?  Of course, we're only hearing his side of the story but you can see that he's trying so hard to make her happy.  He gives her so much but she just keeps on doing him wrong.  In the end he has to leave before he goes crazy.  Another girl that let a good man get away.  You can't blame him - he gave his all.

I've got a little problem....
You see I got this girl and she drives me crazy
Still I do everything I can to keep this lady
Had to turn in my player’s card cause I kept getting played
But her loving is oh so good, I keep letting her have her way
Every time I turn around I let my bills go unpaid
Trying to give her everything she wants and hope that she'll maybe stay

But now I’ve got to walk away before I lose my mind
I better walk away before I lose my mind

When my woman goes out I stay up all night long
Wondering when this girl is gonna come back home
Every time her cell phone rings she runs to the bathroom
And just like that she’s got to go, screaming she’ll be back real soon
Sometimes I can’t eat, sometimes I can’t even sleep
My friends keep on asking, what the hell is wrong with me


If I ask her where she’s been, she says leave me alone
But there’s got to be a reason why she won’t answer her cell phone
So I bought her a pager so we can stay in touch
But sometimes she won’t call back, she says I page her too much
And when I want to make love she's always too tired
It’s just a big old waste of my time for me to even try
I can’t go on like this cause it hurts so bad, I’m gonna have to do something
Because she’s about to drive me mad

This is a nice song to dance to, just right for a house party.

Southern Soul Paradise