Monday, January 2, 2012

Lamorris Williams - "It's You"

Are you familiar with Lamorris Williams? He is one of our younger southern soul stars and has been steadily rising to the top of the charts with several hits.  You probably know him from "Impala" (see my post dated 11/17/2011) and my most favorite of all of his songs is "Body Roll" (I'm still waiting for it to be placed on youtube).  But I have to tell you, "It's You" is wonderfully different than most of the music you hear - maybe because his voice is so versatile.  This is a really good song.  BTW, Lamorris is the son of gospel singer Leonard Williams, an original member of the legendary Grammy nominated group, The Williams Brothers. Lamorris started in the music industry at the very young age of seven playing drums for The Williams Brothers and by the age of nine he was singing backgrounds on professional records.  He has recorded with tons of groups and has also produced some gospel albums.  See for more of his outstanding bio.

Hey lady, I know it ain’t been long since we’ve been going steady
But baby, I just got to let you know that I done fell in love with you baby
If you don’t believe me, baby, you see you fill me up with sunshine
Let me take a little minute baby, and tell the whole world I want you to be mine

I can tell the world how I am feening for your love
It seems like this one here, man it was sent from up above
Every time I see you girl my heart goes in a race
I just want to love one woman till my dying day

It’s you baby, it’s you baby
It's you baby
Loving how you hold me
Loving how you do me
I just want to love you

If you want to know why I take that mess at work every day and don’t walk away
It’s you baby

Seems like the way you touch me girl, it gives me a thrill
Feels like I’ve been drinking or I’m on some kind of pill
Take my money, take my pride, take all my possessions
I prayed to the Lord for a good thing and you were my blessing

If you wonder why I go to work every day and don’t hesitate
Baby, it’s just you
It’s you, baby, it’s you

(This song stops around the 3:53 mark - the remaining 14 minutes contain snippets from his CD.)

All my friends say I'm glowing and
every day feels like Sunday!
Southern Soul Paradise