Sunday, March 11, 2012

David Brinston - "Two-Way Love Affair"

I want to see David Brinston in concert one of these days because I just love this man's voice.  I fell in love with him with "You're So Freak" (I was kind of addicted to this song for awhile - see my post dated 3/6/11), always liked "Party Till The Lights Go Out" (see the 9/18/2011 post), but I even more so adore "Straighten Up and Fly Right" (7/29/2011).  The meaning behind "Two-Way Love Affair" is kind of sad, but the music is so good.  I believe that fidelity exists but a lot of couples, unfortunately, probably find that they live their lives like this - staying in a marriage just for the kids, finding happiness with someone else, but staying together anyway.  And the saddest thing is that they don't even care anymore.  David's just telling it like it is.

We kiss each other off with a smile
When we both know we’re living a lie
Our hearts are in different places
But neither one of wants to face it
So we go on living and pretending
But the real love, we’re not giving
We got too much, too much to lose
And that’s the thing that makes us the fool

It’s a two-way love affair
Ya’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you
Neither one of us, neither one of us
We don’t even care, we don’t even care

For so long we’ve been together
And we’ve seen all kind of weather
But the road of life went wrong
‘Cause when I touch you baby the love is gone
It wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t mine
It was just something that happened in time
But ooh girl, don’t say a word
‘Cause some things, it’s better not to be heard


Now I know what ya’ll saying
David Brinston should break it up and leave it alone
But you see ya’ll don’t know
What’s going on inside my home
You see we got some kids
And they need their mommy and daddy
You see we’re loyal to our family
We’re going to do just about anything it takes
To keep the kids happy but you see
When the night time comes, when the night time comes baby
I find myself, I find myself girl, in another woman’s arms
Girl you know you’re doing the same thing
I've got my woman and you've got your man
It’s a two way love affair and one thing about it baby
We’ll be here, we’ll stay right here
We kiss each other oh with a smile
Knowing we’re both just living a lie
You go your way and I’ll go mine
But one thing about it baby
We’ll be on time, we’ll be right on time
It’s a two-way, it’s a two-way love affair
We ain’t going nowhere baby, we’ll stay right here

Southern Soul Paradise