Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mel Waiters - "Two Step"

Talking about someone suave and debonair!  Mel Waiters is one of the coolest artists around and I love to see him perform.  "Two Step" makes you want to do a two step or, as DC natives do, hand dance.  It has a great beat and an old school feel to it.  He reminds us how romantic this dancing is when a couple is swinging around the room.  Mel Waiters sings southern soul that can be enjoyed by everyone - he is awesome.

Two step it’s a way
Like back in the day
Take me back, let’s go back
Like back in the day

There’s a dance that’s been around for some time
Your mom and dad did it, so did mine
This dance is sexy when it’s shared by two
Holding each other close while you’re swinging around the room


Bump and grind, that’s for the young folks today
But two stepping has a more romantic taste
But all the women from 24 or to 92
Would rather swing with a stranger than stand close to him and screw
I’ve learned so much from my past
But I really want to do my mom and dad’s favorite dance


One of my favorite performers!
Southern Soul Paradise