Sunday, March 4, 2012

T.K. Soul - "One Woman Man"

I'm a TK Soul fan, plain and simple.  In "One Woman Man," he tells a story about a man who really wants one woman but he's looking for that girl who is just right for him.  He has one girl who may not be really nice looking but she's good to him.  The problem is that she's just too immature.  The other girl is pretty but she only wants to make love some of the time.  What's a guy to do?  So, TK is still searching for the one.  I'd love to tell him - as in the words of Grace Jones - I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you!  (smile)  Enjoy this song!

You know sometimes you get caught up in society’s rules
And it makes it so hard on your choice in life
You see, a one woman man I want to be
I just can’t seem to find that one woman I need

I got a woman down with me
She’s not all that to look at but she’s crazy about me
Buys pretty nice things, she tries to please her man
But her childish ways ya’ll I just can’t stand
That one that I need, I wish it was her
But she’s not the one, no, that I’m looking for

One woman man, I want to be
But I can’t find one woman to satisfy me
One woman man, I long to be
But I can’t find that one woman that I need

Now this other woman, fine as can be
She’s a sexy young lady, so beautiful you see
Makes love to me sometimes, every now and then
But I need plenty lovin’, I’m a high nature man
That one that I need, girl I wish it was you
Guess I have to keep on searching, that’s all I can do


Maybe I should just give up and settle down
Maybe what I’m out there looking for just can’t be found
I’m getting older, getting set in my ways
And I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my days
That one that I need, girl you just might be
If you think that you are
Holler at me


I’ve been looking in Alabama
I’ve been looking in Louisiana
I’ve been looking in Mississippi
I’ve been looking out in Texas
I’ve been looking down in Georgia
I’ve been looking down in Florida

TK Soul!
Southern Soul Paradise