Sunday, March 25, 2012

Karen Wolfe - "Stuttering"

Karen Wolfe is one of the newer southern soul artists and has remarkable talent.  She has a fresh new sound and her songs are so down to earth; you can definitely relate to them.  If you're man enough to leave, I'll be woman enough to let you go has been an anthem for so many women (see my 7/9/2011 post on "Man Enough") and my number one favorite line dance song is her "Southern Soul Party Mood" (8/27/2011).  "Stuttering" is another song with a message.  It's the story of the husband who has an outside child - in addition to the ones he has at home - but he has never told his wife.  She finds out by accident and wonders when was he going to tell her.  She knew something was wrong when he started stuttering.  Girl, my heart goes out to you.

This video starts with an interview with Karen and the actual music starts one minute into the video.  I believe that is Omar Cunningham's voice we hear during on this song (he wrote and produced "Stuttering").  The music on this song is incredible and I love the background singing.

Oh the mailman just came through
Brought a letter addressed to you
It was forwarded from your old address
I was nosy so I opened it
It says I hope that you are doing fine
The baby asks about you all the time
He said he miss you and I miss you, too
My mama said this boy looks just like you
Oh I had a feeling, I had my doubt
Some money missing out the bank account
Oh it hurt to think, you and another girl
And then you brought a child into this world
I was a fool, I trusted you
And now my heart feels like it’s broke in two
I saw the signs but was too blind to see
But you done had a baby on me

Is this is your baby
Don’t stand there and lie to me
Cause I can always tell when you’re telling a lie
Cause you start stuttering (you’re lying, you’re lying)
When were you going to tell me
And tell me how long have you known
Were you gonna wait until he started walking
Or when he got grown – you’re lying

Does she know about me, probably not
Or the other two kids that you already got
What about our future, you messed up the plan
Cause you couldn’t keep it inside your pants
Did you even check the DNA
Or are you just going by what she says
Or I hope you realize what you’ve done
You got me looking like the foolish one
Do you think I’ll leave, turn and walk away
Or do you think I’m stupid, I know you’re sorry
My mama told me to leave you alone
But I defended you, I see I was wrong
So tell me now, if you cannot lie
I’m over here can’t you look me in the eye
You got one more time, to tell me something
Is she lying, were you with her
Is this yours, oh is this your baby


I LOVE this song!  Enjoy!!
Southern Soul Paradise