Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O.B. Buchana/Mr. Sam - "Put Yo Foot In It"

I've been looking a LONG time for this song and never realized that it was on youtube all along.  I just wasn't searching it the right way.  This is a fantastic duet by O.B. Buchana and Mr. Sam and I love it, love it, love it.  They have a conversation going on between them and they start out by referencing other hit songs.  Mr. Sam said that Theodis talked about how he stood up in it and O.B. talked about how he didn’t play with it, and so Mr. Sam just wanted to know what’s really going on; what happened when he took the girl home.  I love to hear Mr. Sam ask the questions, such as did he knock her socks out of her shoes and did he make her fall in love with him.  O.B. speaks with confidence and brags throughout the song - I'm not mad at him!!  There are so many good lines here and one of my favorites is "I made her scream, O.B., O.B., ooh boy what are you doing to me - you're all the man I ever need, I can't take it no more!" 

Did you knock it out the park
Did you make your dog bark
Did you put your foot in it
Did you put your foot in it
I put a hump in my back
I say do you like it like that
I put my foot in it

Mr. Sam says he wants to be like him when he grows up.
A little later in the song you'll hear:
I hit a home run
I put the "F" in fun
Boy I put my foot in it
Yes, I put my foot in it
Did you hit it side to side
Did you take your girl for a ride
Did you put your foot in it

What a great blend of voices!!
I'm so happy I found this.  O.B., O.B., ooh boy what are
you doing to me!
Southern Soul Paradise