Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wendell B - "Just Don't Understand You"

Wendell B. has one of the deepest, smoothest voices I've heard in a long time.  Although I only hear him on southern soul stations, his music is definitely cross over material and I'm expecting this talented artist to climb higher and higher.  Here's "Just Don't Understand You."  He tells his girl that they've been together a long time and she always keeps something going on.  He says that he truly loves her but it's time to get it together or leave it alone.

Girl we’ve been together for quite some time
And I’ve never had the chance to speak my mind
But girl you know I love you
But you keep a lot of hell up in my home
It’s time we get it together baby
Or leave the thing alone

Mama taught me my ABCs, Daddy taught me how to 123
Went to school and got a college degree
But I just don’t understand you
I’ve been around the world, across the seven seas
Swam the deepest ocean, highest tree?
Went back to school and got my bachelor’s degree but I still don’t understand you

Now here I go again trying to make you understand
All the pain I go through baby trying to be a strong man
See I’ve paid all your bills baby
Keep you in the finest clothes
And still you won’t do right baby
Seems you’re out of control

So tell me what do I do because I’ve gone my last mile
I don’t want to lose the love we’ve had
But it’s time for me to smile awhile
But I’ll keep my door open baby, I just want a happy home
But it’s time we get it together or like ? say, get gone


Southern Soul Paradise