Sunday, September 9, 2012

Omar Cunningham - "Baby Don't Leave Me"

Omar Cunningham is one of those multi-talented guys that I just love.  He's not only an excellent singer and musician, he also writes and produces fantastic music for a lot of artists.  Check out his site,, and listen to his music.  "Baby Don't Leave Me" is a beautiful ballad and you'll like this soulful song - he says that this is the saddest day of his life and he begs his woman not to go.  How can you leave a begging man???

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Baby don’t leave, baby don’t leave
Baby don’t leave me home alone
My heart is crying out to you
I need you in my life
Baby, don’t leave me alone

What did I do to deserve this pain
I’ve been with you, baby, through the storm and rain
I understand that you get tired but say it’s so
And I’ll move on with my life and prepare to go
Everybody has problems but baby don’t you leave
We can find a way to make it girl if you just believe


I know in my heart baby you still love me
If you need a little time girl take your time, some time and see
That I’m the best thing baby, the best thing for you
I know in time it’s gonna be rough baby if you do
What I think that you’re doing, leaving me all alone
Searching for what you already, you already got at home


Baby I can’t just trade our love for a one night stand
From sun up to sun down I always gave my all to our relationship
Because I really love you from the bottom of my heart
And I just can’t see myself making it without you
Because I love you, please baby I just can’t go without you
Great music!!
Southern Soul Paradise