Sunday, September 23, 2012

Roy C - "Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes"

"Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes" and "If I Could Love You Forever" (see my post dated 5/27/2011) are two of my most favorite Roy C songs.  "Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes" is a soulful ballad from back in the day and it brings back such nice memories.  I love this song and I just sit back and sing it every time I hear it.  It's good to know that Roy C is still performing - he puts on a great show and sounds just like his records.  See him if you get a chance.

The lights down low
And nobody here but you and I
We’ve got music on our stereo
But baby, can’t you see the night is young
We don’t need no company
Cause I got you honey and hey hey hey hey, and you got me
So I want you to come on baby, come on and…

Love me, love me till tomorrow comes
Love me, love me till tomorrow comes

Now we may be tired and all wet with sweat
But you know honey, hey hey hey, I don’t have enough of you yet
And another thing, I love the way you kiss, I love the way you hug
And I’m crazy, crazy about the way you make love
That’s why I’ve got to say it again


You know, I never had anyone to love me the way you do
But you know honey, I’ve got to get some power
Hey hey hey, so I can carry on till tomorrow comes
You know what honey
I’m not gonna leave you hanging baby, oh no
I’m gonna stay right here with you baby
Because I believe, I believe every man
Every man should make his woman happy

Southern Soul Paradise